The Best Antique Bottle Websites

The Best Antique Bottle Websites

Here are some of the best antique bottle websites to research bottles, read dig stories, and buy/sell some beautiful pieces for our collections.

General Reference

Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information

This is the ultimate online resource of antique bottles. Compiled by antique bottle expert Bill Lindsey in association with the Society for Historical Archaeology and Bureau of Land Management, the site provides extensive information on how to identify and date antique bottles.


This online directory is attempting to catalogue every antique Hutchinson soda bottle. The site has over 19000 listings, 10000 of which have images of the bottles. The directory is a work in progress that has come a long ways since launching in August 2012. There also is a wealth of information about the history and manufacture of hutchinson soda bottles.

Antique Bottle Collector Resource Guide

An extensive list of the best online resources for learning about antique bottles and bottle digging. Includes some of the sites mentioned on this page, and many more. Thanks to bottle collector Kevin Powell for bringing this to our attention!


For a long time, was the antique bottle forum on the internet. All other attempts were simply left in the shadows of the mighty “blue pages”. Nowadays the blue page scheme has been dropped and traffic seems to have dispersed thanks to new social media channels, but the site remains a valuable resource for past discussions and current threads.


TreasureNet Bottle Forum

This trusty forum always has a good thread of recently excavated bottles. The site also has a large following of relic hunters, coin shooters, and other types of treasure hunters.

Facebook: Bottle Collectors Group

Facebook has in short order become a major hangout spot for members of the antique bottle collecting community. There is an endless supply of posts in the various bottle collecting groups. Linked is one of the largest communities (with over 3500 members) with a mostly North American focus. Other facebook groups with ties to antique bottles include:
Bottle Diggers and Collectors (Mostly U.K.)
West Coast Bottle Diggers and Collectors (New Zealand)
Antique Veterinary Collectors

Blogs / Personal Sites

Western Bitters News

This blog posts highly informative articles every few days on all sorts of antique bottle topics. Bottle histories, dig stories, inspirational collection pieces and bottle mysteries make up the bulk of the excellent posts. Western Bitters is a speciality focus of the site but far from the only subject matter.

Western Whiskey Gazette

90% of the articles on this blog cover the history of antique whiskey bottles from the Pacific Coast. The articles are very well-researched and provides a fascinating glimpse into the proprietors behind some of the bottle collecting world’s most sought after whiskey bottles.

Peachridge Glass

Ferdinand Meyer V is President of the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors and a historical researcher second-to-none. He runs Peachridge Glass, a comprehensive online resource for antique bottle news. Mr. Meyer has built up quite a following thanks to high-quality articles featuring beautiful bottle photography and well-researched historical information.

Rick’s Bottle Room

Like our best bottle cabinets, this bottle digging website is a bit of a wunderkammer (curiosity cabinet). Curiosities and surprises lay hidden around every corner of Rick Warren’s digital tribute to bottle collecting. Rick has dug some amazing glass and has posted the bulk of his finds on these pages, as well as dig stories and bottle histories.

Utah Bottle Cliche

This website gives viewers a look through the lens of a Utah bottle digger & collector. The site is very photography-heavy and focuses on digging adventures and favorite discoveries.

Auction Sites

ebay antique bottles


Love it or hate it, eBay remains the ultimate source for buying and selling antique bottles online. Many fantastic discoveries can be found by scrolling through the average 18,000 antique bottles listed at any given time.

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