Antique porcelain dolls are easily one of the top items that makes my friendsĀ go, “….that’s really creepy!”. I love to dig them, and have dug many over the years. Every 1890s little girl had one of these in their youth, and 80% ended up in dumps or outhouses upon breaking or outgrowing them. Now it’s up to us diggers to dig and cherish them anew. Yeah, creepy indeed.

Antique-Dug-Porcelain-Dolls-3 Antique-Dug-Porcelain-Dolls-4 Antique-Dug-Porcelain-Dolls-5Antique-Dug-Porcelain-Dolls-2Antique-Dug-Porcelain-Dolls-6

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