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    What’s the Story of Your Property?

    If your property has any history to it, there are bound to be artifacts left behind that will provide you with some insight into the past. By reaching out I will begin the research process and start searching for the hidden history of your property.

    How Does It Work?

    Take a look at the Dig Process Page for a rundown of the steps taken to discover the buried history of your property. In short, the process includes:

    • Researching old maps and photos of your property
    • Surveying the property with metal detectors and probe
    • Locating sources of buried trash on your property
    • Excavating and restoring artifacts
    • Analyzing and preparing written analysis of finds
    • Sharing finds with homeowner and historical societies

    Due to legal restrictions, properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places or with presence of Native American artifacts should utilize the services of professional archaeologists.